Exploring the cutting edge of missional theology, practice, and leadership in order to equip the people of God for mission in contemporary Ireland.


6 modules per year
Each module consists of
two, 2-hour sessions,
Saturdays 10am-3pm


September 7, 2019
November 23, 2019
January 18, 2020
February 15, 2020
April 18, 2020
June 6, 2020


€45 per module or
€220 if you pay in advance.
Opt in to some or all of the modules


Irish Bible Institute
Ulysses House, Foley St
Mountjoy, Dublin 1


With each module we hope to develop a robust theology (and cosmology) of mission, integrate Irish practitioners into the formation of a new theological framework, which is both practical and uniquely Irish, and call for the  application of theology through both missionary practice and missional leadership in Ireland.

It will be an overlap of the deepest possible waters of historic missional theology, contextualization and creativity in missional practice.

Jesus is the starting point for all theology and mission. We would examine the incarnation as both the motive and model for all ministry; the love of God expressed in the suffering of God, for every person, in every nation.

The will of God for the redemption of all people is central to the revelation of the heart of God in the incarnation of Jesus. We will explore ideas like the imago dei, the doctrine of sin, the gospel and evangelism, social justice and the great commission, all in the shadow of a Post Christendom.  

As the Father has sent me, so I send you. This will be an introduction and exploration of the missio deiand the shared heart and purpose of God in the world.  

As the church is always reforming, we will explore what it means to reimagine church for today and how church follows and forms around mission.

This will be a cosmological look forward into the future of the church and the world and how the revealed endgame of hope, wholeness, resurrection, justice and union shapes how we become the church in our time and place.

Planting and empowerment are meant to be a part of the life of every follower of Jesus.  This module will include  start-up workshop to put into practice what we have been discovering about church.

course instructors

Patrick Mitchel

Director of learning,
irish bible institute

Senior Lecturer in Theology at the Irish Bible Institute, Dublin. Involved in theological education and church development in the Republic of Ireland for over 25 years.

sean mullan

of third space

Seán Mullan had careers as a Marine Navigation Officer and a Church Minister before setting up and running a social enterprise called Third Space in Dublin City Centre. 

Rev. Heather Morris

secretary of the
Methodist church of ireland

Heather Morris was the first female President of the Methodist Church in Ireland. She currently serving as General Secretary of the Home Mission Department of the Methodist Church. 

Rev. John alderdice

director of ministry,
edgehill college

John has been a Minister of the Methodist Church in Ireland since 1998. He is currently the Director of Ministry for the Methodist Church in Ireland, based at Edgehill College. He is deeply interested in how the church needs to be shaped fulfill its calling in today’s world.

simon kilpatrick

of ignite network

Simon is a native of Dublin & has worked in Urban Junction/Ignite since 2001. Simon serves as a chaplain in a local school, and in the Home Mission Department of the Methodist church. Simon loves working with different people from different places.

Brian sanders

founder & executive director, underground network

Brian has helped start hundreds of missional enterprises.  He has lived in intentional community in the inner-city for more than twenty years, embodying the ideas that drive him & is now living and working in Dublin, Ireland with his wife and two youngest kids.


The creation and leadership of SEOL Course is a partnership between Irish Bible Institute, Edgehill Theological College and Praxis, a local network of innovative, missional church leaders.  Our hope is that this partnership will serve to equip every day missional leaders through classroom input, mission exposure & practice, and personal spiritual development.